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Other Work

Contributions to COLLECTIONS:
Excerpt from "How I Learned to Speak Italian" on the Jan. 24, 2007 New York State English Regents Examination

"How I Learned to Speak Italian" in The Portable Italian American, ed. by Bill Tonelli, Morrow 2003

Selections from Umbertina, Chiaroscuro, and More Italian Hours, and Other Stories in The Penguin Book of Italian American Writing, ed. by Regina Barreca, Penguin Books, 2002

"Pursuing the Great White Truffle," in Her Fork in the Road, Travelers' Tales, 2001

Introductory note to Rosa: The Life of an Italian Immigrant by Marie Hall Ets, University of Wisconsin Press, 1999

"How I Learned to Speak Italian," The Best American Essays 1998, Houghton Mifflin,1998

"Italian American Women Writers,"in Italian American Literature and Art: The Cultural Heritage, Garland 1998

"Going to Sicily," in An Inn Near Kyoto, New Rivers Press, 1998

"The Case of the Missing Italian American Writers," in Multi-America: Essays on Cultural Wars and Cultural Peace, ed. by Ishmael Reed, Viking Penguin, 1997

"Appetite Lost, Appetite Found," in Through the Kitchen Window: Women Explore the Intimate Meanings of Food and Cooking ed. by Arlene Avakian, Beacon Press, 1997

"Toward an Italian American Literary Identity," The Columbus People, Center for Migration Studies, l994; also in Italian in Altreitalie #10 (June l993)

"Sit Tibi Terra Levis," poem in WPAW Poetry Anthology, ed. by Grace Cavalieri,l992

"Becoming a Writer of Difference," Proceedings of University of Bordeaux Conference on Interculturalism, l992

"Greener Grass" and excerpt from Festa, in Italian America: Looking Back, Moving Forward, University of State of New York, State Education Department Curriculum series, March 1994

Contributing Editor, Heath Anthology of American Literature, D.C.Heath, 1990; 2nd ed.,l993.

"Greener Grass," From The Margin: Writings in Italian Americana,Purdue University Press,1990

"La Giardiniera," Literary Olympians II: a Collection of Contemporary Literature, Crosscurrents, Westlake Village,CA. 1987

"Learning to Meditate," Love Stories by New Women, Red Clay Books,1978; Avon reprint, 1980; Short Story International, l982

Eleven poems from Xenia of Eugenio Montale, trans.from Italian, QUARTERLY REVIEW OF lITERATURE POETRY RETROSPECTIVE, 1974


"My Bernini Box", SOUTHWEST REVIEW, 2011

"The Curio Cabinet", SOUTHWEST REVIEW, 2009

"Making My Bones" reprint Booklet, 2009

"What News on the Rialto?" SOUTHWEST REVIEW, 2007

"Montale and Mosca in a Train," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, 2005

"Garibaldi in Hastings," WESTCHESTER REVIEW, 2004

"The End of my Giacomo Joyce Affair," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Spring 2003

"Bobbing," NEW LETTERS, Fall 2002

"American 19th century Feminists at SingSing," WESTCHESTER HISTORIAN, Winter 2002

"Paris in the Boondocks," ANTIOCH REVIEW, Winter 2002

"Effie in Venice & the Roman Spring of Margaret Fuller,"

"Remembering Two Journeys," NEW LETTERS, Fall 2001

"Making My Bones," MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW, Spring 2001

"A Fish Tale," MISSOURI REVIEW, Fall 1999; cited in The Best American Essays 2000

"Aaron Copland in Ossining," WESTCHESTER HISTORIAN, Spring 1999

"Mabel Dodge Luhan: In Search of a Personal South," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Summer 1998

"Salad Days," Paterson Literary Review #27, l998

"The Shadowy Lady of the Street of Dark Shops," VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW, Spring 1998

"How I Learned to Speak Italian," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Winter l997

"Seven Fishes," a story, WRITERS' FORUM, September l995

"The Italian Side of Emily Dickinson," VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW, Summer l994

"A Sicilian Town's Legacy to New York," LA FOLLIA, March/April l994

"Souvenirs of Venice," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Winter l994

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"Giuseppe Prezzolini and the American Discovery of Italy," in Americans in Modern Italy, Special Issue of Cesare Barbieri Courier, l993

"Concord Grape Jelly," PARIS TRANSCONTINENTAL, Fall l992

"Bianca, the Gulf War, Saroyan and Me," TRIVIA, Summer l992

"Lion-Woman's Legacy," BELLES LETTRES, Winter, l992

"My Mother's Wedding Day," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Winter l992; cited in Notable Essays in Best American Essays, l993

"Shutting the Door on Someone," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Autumn 1990; cited in Notable Essays in Best American Essays, l991

"Italiana: Lingua del cuore," SELEZIONE, Aprile 1990

"Una suora del West," SELEZIONE, Maggio 1990

"Magna Graecia," IL CAFFE, October and December l990

"Flaming Red Weigela," IL CAFFE, June 1990

"Thomas Hardy's Dorset," WASHINGTON POST, April 1, 1990

"A Walk in the Shadows: Three Italian Women Writers," BELLES LETTRES, Spring l990

"Buried Alive with Language," WORD OUT!, Winter 1990

"Horace's Torte," VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW, Summer 1988

"Visits," a novel excerpt in FOOTWORK: Paterson Literary Review, 1989

Two Poems, THE CAPE CODDER, April 21 and June 9, 1987

"Classic and Good," THE ANTIGONISH REVIEW #69-70, 1987

"Nuns' Shoes," NEW LETTERS Special Fiction Issue, Summer l986

"Becoming a Literary Person out of Context," MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW,Summer l986

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"Gianni on the Rocks," IL CAFFE, Sacramento,CA., Dec.1984

Three Poems, The ANTIGONISH REVIEW,Antigonish,Nova Scotia,Spring 1983

"Ms. Italia," IL CAFFE, Sacramento,CA, Jan./Feb. 1983

Poem, "Wisdom of the Death Ride," ENCORE,Spring 1981

"Going to Sicily," PARIS REVIEW,Flushing,NY, Summer 1980

"Gould's Greenhouse and Havell's Sunsets," CROTON REVIEW,Spring 1980

"In Calabria," ITALIA-AMERICA,San Francisco,CA,Fall 1978

"A Circular Journey," TEXAS QUARTERLY,Austin,TX, Summer 1978

"Havell House," NEW YORK TIMES,Sunday Westchester section, May 21,1978

Review of 0, America by Luigi Barzini,SATURDAY REVIEW,May 14,1977

"Opera Libretti and a May Day Carol," ITALIAN AMERICANA, Fall 1976

"Lucio Piccolo, Poet," YALE REVIEW, NewHaven,CT, Winter 1976

"Rilke in Switzerland," TEXAS QUARTERLY,Austin,TX, Summer 1975

"Aaron Copland's Shady Lane," WESTCHESTER,Mamaroneck,NY,September 1975

"George Eliot as Mary Ann Cross," SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY,Durham,NC,Summer 1975

"Neruda vs.Sartre by the Sea," PARIS REVIEW,Flushing,NY,Winter 1975

"Milton in Rome," SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY,Durham,NC,Winter 1975

"Asolo in the New World," COSMORAMA, Rome, Winter 1974

"Etruscan Places Today," COSMORAMA, Rome, Summer 1973

"The Finer Things in Life," ARIZONA QUARTERLY,Tucson,AZ,Spring 1973

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Three Poems, PROSPETTI, Rome, March-June, 1972

"Lib and Let Lib," COSMOPOLITAN, New York,NY, March 1972

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"Non-Towns," KENYON REVIEW,Gambier,OH., Nov.1966;reprinted in ETUDES ANGLO-AMERICAINES,Paris,1967

"Reclamation of a Tourist," IL CAFFE, Rome,Sept.1964; reprinted in IL CAFFE,Sacramento,CA., June, 1983